HealthTag is Egypt’s leading health information exchange platform. It’s a platform where medical records get exchanged between patients and healthcare providers (Doctors, Labs, Radiology Centers, Pharmacies, …) in order to provide better healthcare service and decreasing the chances of medical error, and introduce instant discounts from these top healthcare provides in Egypt.

HealthTag works through sharing the patient his medical records to the tag through the mobile app, which enables healthcare providers to introduce a better and more accurate service. And the tag holders can also get discounts up to 70% from HealthTag’s medical network.

  • Owning all of your medical records in one safe and easy-to-reach place anytime.
  • Getting instant discounts up to 70% from the top healthcare providers in Egypt.
  • Online payment ability through the app and getting even extra discount when doing so.
  • Having an emergency profile that can save your life in emergencies, by containing the main medical info of the person in it and the most important contacts to get in touch with in such situations.

You can order your card by downloading its app from here and ordering the tag straightly through it.

There’re multiple available payment options through HealthTag, like online payment through the app, payment through Aman Pay service, and paying in cash at the service provider place. But there’s only an additional discount when paying online.

You can use HealthTag at multiple healthcare provides in Egypt, like (El-Ezaby Pharmacies, Al-Mokhtabar Lab, Al-borg Lab, ...and much more). You can check all the places you can use the card at through the app.